Saturday, May 26, 2018

e n t r y n o . 2

This past week went by so quickly! I'm going to need to come up with a better system of recording what I did throughout the week if I'm going to use this "diary" as a form of reflection, because honestly I don't remember much of what happened..

A couple of notable things that came in the mail this week; CBD oil and Moon Juice. I'm adding the CBD oil to my daily routine hoping it will help me manage my back pain better. The Moon Juice order included a jar of cordyceps, deep chocolate adaptogenic protein powder and a repurchase of the blue beauty protein powder that I just ran out of.

I tried putting together a wedding album with an online company thinking I'd be done in a couple of hours.. LOL. Trying to pick through 450 beautiful photos and narrow it down to fit into 15-20 pages is much more difficult than I thought it would be. Needless to say, I'm not done, and it has absolutely been more than a couple of hours...