Wednesday, June 6, 2018

e n t r y n o . 3

This past week was kind of strange. Spencer had to go to Hong Kong for work and I stayed home alone with Beatrice. I haven't really been on my own for that long since Spencer and I started dating 10 years ago, so that's why it felt a little strange to me. It was hot and humid most days, so I wasn't really looking for reasons to leave the house. I did leave to run errands, but beyond that I tried to make the most of my time indoors.

I took this week to dive into redecorating our bedroom. Spencer and I have talked about redecorating but he has always been more interested in the renovation/building projects and of course I was the one who was more into the design side of the project. I had pitched a grey, white and black color scheme with hints of blue to Spencer before he left for his work trip and he seemed indifferent, but ok with the idea. I decided to surprise him with a nearly complete bedroom when he returned. The walls still have to be painted (although the colors have been chosen) and our new headboard arrives next week! I'd like to get the drywall in and new wall colors painted before adding the details, but I can't wait to pick out some plants to hang as well as some wedding photos to frame in the new space!

While Spencer was gone I also binged 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. Season 1 was very relatable for me. Not that I went through the same things that happened in the series, but part of my high school experience was similar enough to give me a new perspective on my past. Like watching your life as a stranger, and what could have happened if you'd made choices differently.

Plans for the rest of the week include; finish a painting I've been working on for a few weeks, continue brainstorming a project I've been dreaming up, and getting some yard work done this weekend. I'm reaching, but I'd also like to paint the three bedroom walls that don't need work done to them.